THE CENTER – European Institute of Esalen Massage

Esalen Massage and Bodywork was first developed over 40 years ago, in California. In 1982, Currie Prescott, senior massage teacher and director of THE CENTER/ European Institute of Esalen Massage, rought this unique and profound massage style to Europe, where it has developed further in its scope and depth.

Since that time, Esalen Massage has become known as the art of “conscious touch”. It uses full, gentle stretching over the entire length of the body and combines this with different massage and bodywork techniques, so that any physical or energetic blockages the client has can be released, leaving them feeling more relaxed, Esalen Massage Bild über Rückenmassagenenergized and free of pain.

The basis of Esalen Massage is traditional massage, which works in a very precise manner on the muscle and circulation systems. This is combined with the bodywork approach developed by Charlotte Selver, which emphasizes the deeply relaxing and emotional responses of the body when a conscious, structured and pleasant touch is applied.  In addition, gentle rocking of the body, passive joint exercises and deep structural work on the muscles and joints, together with an energetic balancing of the body, are all part of this Esalen Massage “experience”.

Over the years, such methods as Trager, Feldenkrais, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Deep Tissue, Polarity and Acupressure have been integrated into Esalen Massage and its philosophy. Specific elements from these methods are blended together in an Esalen Massage session to personally suit the clients’ needs. This is also combined with any “intuitional feelings” the practitioner is having, in that moment of time. In this way, all Esalen Massage practitioners develop their own unique Esalen Massage style in accordance with their background, experience, feelings and special capabilities.

With the conscious manner of touch used in Esalen Massage, the skin and blood circulation are stimulated, the muscles and nervous system are relaxed, and the metabolism and lymphatic system are stimulated. At the same time, the tendons and ligaments in the joints are stretched and a good feeling of relaxation spreads throughout the entire body. The perception of each person’s body, whether it’s the clients or the practitioners, is increased so that they can more fully experience themselves with a heightened sense of awareness. Through this conscious touch, their body’s sensory perceptions are sharpened and a harmonious balance is attained. It not only does good for the client, it feels good for the practitioner, too!

Esalen Massage is good for people who suffer from chronic neck and back pain. It helps to relieve any tension in the muscles and joints, and also helps those who have headaches or migraines.  It has been shown that having sessions in Esalen Massage can improve the circulation, relieve high blood pressure or help with sleeping difficulties. It’s also good to just lie down and relax from life’s’ every day tension and stress. A sort of “oasis” in life”

An Introduction to Esalen Massaage

The Esalen Massage introduction course is designed to help participants familiarize themselves with the basic methods, concepts, ideas and philosophy of Esalen Massage. Gaining knowledge about their own bodies, as they touch others, participants will be shown different modalities of Esalen Massage: slow-long strokes over the skin, deeper massage of the muscles and gentle rocking movements of the body which helps to open and relax the joints of the entire body.

In the Esalen Massage training different elments of massage willing be introduced to, and practiced by, particants. Such methods as: traditional Massage, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Polarity, Chakra und Qi Energy Balancing, Trager, Movement Therapy, Deep Massage, Classical Massage, Trigger Point Release, Deep Tissue, Movemnet and Stretching Therapy and Acupressure. This large assortiment of “tools” and components will help participants in developing their own unique styles of Esalen Massage, while at the same time expanding their intuitive skills and perceptions.

Standing correctly at the table while giving an Esalen Massage will be one of the primary focuses in the Esalen Massage courses. By helping participants to give a quality massage, while at the same time feeling physically comfortable giving it. Esalen Massage demonstrations and hands on “learning-by-doing” will be the fundamental tools used to help those attending this course in becoming competent with this unique massage method.

All persons, no matter what their previous massage skills, are welcome to join. This Esalen Massage introductory course is obligatory for those who would like to join the official Esalen Massage training. Please contact us for further information. See this site for more information on sensual massage London here.